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Name:Malesia soloman
Location:Toronto (Malton)
Years in the fashion :none really
How did you find out about Lolita fashion?:friends
How did you find out about this community?:from peach flower and swt green tea
Your Style of choice:I'm still decieding
Favourite Brand(s):Nervana, she wants revenge, the deftones, Metric
What do you want to get out of this community, know, or learn? : evolving from a ita loli to a real loli
What can you contribute to the community (this can mean ideas for the community, skills, hobbies…etc - optional): Well i can sew (kinda) but i can bake like no one's bissuss
Additional information about yourself (optional):hello
My name is Maleshia, but you can call me Malli
I'm 20 and rather new to lolita. I was just wondering if there was anyone who was interested in being a mentor. I have dabbled in loli but nothing better than italoli.
So I'm trying for a fresh new start. I'm looking for someone local but that's only so that i can return your kindness with yummy cake goodness (what i lac in loli ability, I make up with my confectionist skills) but it's not that important as long as you can help me.

thank you in advance and i hope to hear from some of you soon

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My special hello

Hello, my Adoring fans!

oK so there's no one here yet, but once you look in you'll never go away! muwahahahahaha!

anyways.... as You all know, I'm kyoki Ichigo and I  welcome you to my domain, where I will tell you my life stories! ^.^ 

But enough about that. Lets talk about week one

Week One:  My mother remembers to worship me

At home I live with my mother, who we call .... well.... mother, or mom.  I also live with my dreamy older brother Walter.  I came home first on april 17th but mom decided that she wanted to take me home on March 7th, the day my puppy died. And for a while, I was the apple of my mom's eye. She took me to Ball jointed doll meets and to conventions. And I, being a Cinamaroll dal, was praised for being too cute. However, I think mom was kinda sad that I wasn't a BJD.  She loved me all the same but I wasn't a real BJD.  In June She tried to order her first Boy from a company called Divinity doll, but the company took such a long time responding to her emails and after 5 months she gave up on the company completely.  Then, one day at a doll store, she saw the ideal and future son......Walter.
Now, as much as I HATE to admit it, Walter Is uber cool!!!! >.< He is the win!!! and has inspired me not to grow up and be a Pullip. Feel like so my foot! No, I will be a BJD just like my big bro!


Well that's all for today!

Hope to see you all soon lovly companions!

Kyoki Ichigo